2017 Jiashan Pengcheng cloud Festival debut

时间 :2018-04-11 15:52来源 :HHYG
By our building and presided over the planning of "born" clouds "- the 2017 Jiashan tourism, Shenzhen sweet cloud annual festival, after a night rush to build the Hilton Hotel in Shenzhen held in December 28, 2017.

Zhejiang County of Jiashan Province, Shanghai, leading Shenzhen tourism business representatives, and dozens of media attended, witnessed Jiashan Dayun high spirited and vigorous year, and vowed to cooperate and help the cloud to create a national tourist resort, Chinese sweet vacation destination goal.

The annual festival, showcasing the signing of cloud since 2017 tourism projects, including the Oriental Dream Dream Jiashan, German beer manor, cloud field, cloud, cloud Valley, fairy tale kingdom, romance world cloud art lighting and other key projects, including the industry leading from the Pearl River delta.

In addition, the very creative "sweet" award link, the whole appreciation evening atmosphere to the climax.

The future will be from the international perspective, deepen the cooperation between the two places in Shenzhen, Dayun, tourism projects as the basis, to boost cloud tourism to a new level.

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