Marvellous! More than 200 unmanned aerial vehicles appeared

时间 :2018-04-11 15:44来源 :Nan Fang Daily
The 2016 Shenzhen international unmanned aerial vehicle exhibition, sponsored by the China UAV industrial alliance and the Shenzhen UAV Industry Association, opened in June 17th at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, with the theme of "intelligent UAVs outwired the future", and more than 110 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) brought more than 200 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). China's UAV industry top 20 and China's UAV ten brands announced at the same time. The Shenzhen international unmanned aerial vehicle exhibition has its unique advantages and has become the vane of the unmanned aerial vehicle market in China and the world. This exhibition will show the world's unmanned aerial vehicle base. The unmanned aerial vehicles on display include unmanned helicopter, unmanned wing machine, unmanned rotor aircraft, unmanned airship, unmanned airship, unmanned wing machine, flapping wing micro UAV and so on. The upstream and downstream supporting industries include UAV guidance system, information technology, satellite positioning, measurement and control technology, sensing techniques and new materials. (reporter Lu Li photography report)

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