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In recent years, the rapid development of intelligent hardware, from wearable devices to smart, smart car penetration Home Furnishing, medical wisdom, wisdom endowment "Internet plus" in the field, the industry giants: Google, Baidu, SONY, LG, Samsung, millet also have settled in the market, smart industry chain is a new change Come in.
The Smart World China International Smart wear / intelligent hardware exhibition, held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, is the core of intelligent life. Smart World has been held in the third session. This theme is "intelligent interconnection, change life", from the 23-25 day of June to attract more than 40 thousand industry audience. Visit the grand occasion.
The exhibition covers intelligent appliances, personal smart health, smart home, creative intelligent hardware and other fields, but the most notable is the smart wear. In the industry market, from Bluetooth headphones to fitness wristbands, and to Google glasses, intelligent wearable products are always committed to presenting the most sophisticated technology in the digital age. At the exhibition site, smart wearable products are also rare. One of the smart body sense SPORTS BRACELET has attracted everyone's attention.
The crowd in front of the booth is not easy to squeeze into the booth called "guinea pig technology". Only a dynamic model is jumping Zheng Duoyan Aerobics in front of a huge LCD screen. It is curious that every move of the model is fed back on the display screen, every action is done. On the screen, we will instantly show the score of the standard of movement, which is quite magical.
Under questioning, the staff explained the truth of it, all of which originate from the guinea pig's body sense movement bracelet. This is a remote control device that uses Bluetooth to connect the hand ring body to the port of smart phone, tablet, TV box and so on. The body sense device on the handset chip can ensure that the handset is wearing various somatosensory movements after the connection is successful. As long as it is within the range of ten meters, the correct wearing of a guinea pig's physical movement hand ring can be used to control the screen and get feedback in time. In the era of popular mountain village, the original body sense technology of the guinea pig is definitely worth affirming.
In 2015, the Wall Street journal claimed, "the guinea pig technology struggles with the world's technical giants, including Google and Apple Corp, which has already invested in the technology industry", showing the sense of the guinea pig. The height of the sports ring is sure. In addition, the guinea pig's somatosensory sports ring has already broken through the limitations of the domestic market and exported to the overseas markets in the Middle East and other places. Its aggression has long been unable to be the same as other domestic smart bracelets.
(guinea pig's somatosensory bracelet on the shelf in Dubai)

Under the invitation of the staff, the reporter personally experienced the "Amazing" of this Wall Street, "Amazing" in the mouth of the guinea pig. It was found that its interaction was particularly sensitive and made a gesture, almost the same time, the screen gave accurate feedback. At the same time, the number of physical applications in APP is amazing. From sports, leisure to recreational fitness, all the young and young can find their own health solutions in the APP.
Smart wear, as a modern frontier technology and sunrise industry, is the mainstream trend of future mobile intelligent product development. Future intelligent industry and somatosensory technology will greatly change people's life style, have a huge industry growth space, the development prospects are unlimited.

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